Spring Mantel Therapy

We have had a depressing few days around here.
For about 48 hours things were looking good on the real estate front.

We made an offer on a house.

Someone made an offer on our house.

Negotiations ensued.

The offer we made (which was a good one) was denied. Not countered, denied flat out.

We countered the offer made on our house. They countered back. We countered again. They walked away. We were so close and they walked away.

Now, you know, the moment we made an offer and received an offer I started mentally packing my house and decorating the house-to-be.

I have had a hard time undoing all I accomplished in my mind! 

The only cure was to get back to tinkering around here. To refocus my energies.

The object of my attention? The mantel.

It needed some sprucing. A touch of Spring. Some newly painted objects.

First, I took an old shutter that I have had laying around and flipped it so the back faced out. I love the old worn out wood and the natural backdrop it provides.

I grabbed a few old brass candlestick holders. You have all seen them. They are a dime a dozen at any antique/thrift/junk store. I cleaned them up and spray painted them white.

I also took an old vase that was really hideous, black fake crackle with gold trim and some sort of bold floral print, and painted it white. I bought it a few years ago at a discount pottery store. I have no idea what I saw in it. It's been sitting on a shelf in the garage until yesterday when it was saved. I cut branches from some bushes on the side of our house to bring in some greenery.

I also pulled out a few of my blue bottles. The one on the right has some thyme in it, from my garden. The two frames received a light coat of white paint as well, then got a slight sanding to bring the wood through.

I threw some shells around, hung a few plates I picked up on clearance from TJ Maxx many moons ago, and called it done.

Of course, you and I both know it's not done. Just looking at this picture I know I am going to go back and tinker with the right side. It needs a touch of something else. Hmmm . . .

I'm linking up over at the Nester's Mantel Party!

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