Happy Birthday Wil

It is Wil's second birthday. He doesn't know that it is his birthday, though I suppose not many two year old's fully grasp the concept. Wil has Down syndrome. At two, Wil does not yet speak or walk, he has trouble with play that is typical for other kids his age, he cannot drink from anything other than a bottle and he cannot sit safely in a chair. He doesn't know how crazy we are about him. There is a lot that he just doesn't get. And we have no idea when he will. We don't know at what point he will understand what his birthday is all about. We don't know when he will begin speaking and how clear his speech will be when he does. There are a lot of unknowns. Two years ago these unknowns haunted us. Today they are not so important.

Here is what we do know. Wil has the most genuine and joyful smile around. He loves to make us laugh and is incredibly flirtatious. He loves music and demonstrates this with his own special dance. He knows exactly where to find the button on every toy in the house that makes music and pushes them often. He does not like anything to be on table tops; he clears all that are within reach. He can communicate through sign language, signing eat, sleep, more, please, all done, and bath. He loves to show you what a big boy he is by reaching for the sky and if he hears anyone clapping he will cheerfully join in. We know that he loves his brothers and takes delight in them. He and Timothy have there own special language and he and Luke enjoy seeing who can make the craziest sounds. We know that in his own time he will walk and talk and drink from a cup. He will go to school and have his own interests. And in his own time he will understand what his birthday is all about. We know that he is precious and we know that God designed him to be exactly who he is. We know that we are the fortunate ones to have Wil in our lives.

And one day, in his time, he will know how much we love him.

Happy Birthday Sweet Wil!

Giving it a try

I am stepping into the world of blogging. I don't know exactly what I am doing but that is true for most things in my life - I will learn as I go and hope a few things fall into place. Sometimes this approach works out for me, sometimes it doesn't.

I actually stumbled into establishing the Walden blog when I was trying to post on a friend's blog. I had to register to post on my friend's site which somehow led me down the path to creating a blog of my own. I never did find my way back to posting a comment to my friend but think I have the beginnings of the Waldenhouse blog here. We'll see.

In the meantime, I have a screaming 6 month old upstairs that cannot seem to understand that mom needs a break from time to time. Babies. . . they are sooo self absorbed! :) (no, wait, that's me)

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