Wordless Wednesday


Wordless Wednesday

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Monday Miscellany

1. The last five months we have had 30 some odd families look at our home. It goes something like this. A phone call from our agent that someone wants to see the house in an hour, sometimes more. Me getting the only workout I fit in these days trying to clean up 2700 sq. ft while simultaneously preventing my three muskateers from undoing my work. Prospective buyers come and go. We receive feedback that is positve. In the end  they decide to go with one of  the other gazillion homes available in our neighborhood. It's been a blast.

2. I went to Hobby Lobby two weeks ago to pick up some things for Green Seed and, lo and behold, they had Christmas decor out. No, really. It was right next to all the 4th of July decor. I found myself wondering where we would be at Christmas. Will I be decorating our current home? Or the one we have a contract on but cannot move forward with until we sell? Hmmmm. . . I love the unknown.

(the reason it looks like he's standing in a cloud is b/c he was. We had crazy dense fog this morning!)

3. Spinner is attending zoo camp this week. I will be spending the week trying to explain to Tank why he cannot go to zoo camp. Tank is super repititous in his questions and complaints and, despite receiving an answer, repeats his question and/or complaint until he just plain wears out.

4. Everyone in our household has had pink eye at least once over the past three weeks. Three of us have had it twice.

5. We live on a street with primarily older kids. Spinner, already counting the days until he gets his drivers license, refers to these kids as his 'friends' even though he spends very little time with them and doesn't know their names. One of his 'friends' offered him wine, from a gatorade bottle, the other day. They are no longer 'friends.'

6. We think bed bugs may have traveled home with us from our mountain vacation. A real compliment to the ever present pink eye. And such a joy to have more laundry to do.

7. Because my brain has turned to mush I forgot, not once but twice, to take Bean to his scheduled (then rescheduled) eye appointment. Because we only have one pediatric opthamologist in town they take 'no show's' very seriously and said we were being kicked out of their practice. I had to beg, plead, and borrow to get one more chance. His appointment is this Thursday. If I forget this time we will be driving to Charleston for eye appointments.

8. Bean has become the kissing bandit. I anticipate this becoming a problem. Not for us and his favorite teacher but for the random strangers we encounter in public. For some reason they haven't been very receptive to his overtures.

And the beat goes on. . .

Wordless Wednesday


returning the blog for it's rightful purpose

this blog started out to serve as updates on our family, the boys, and life with a child with down syndrome.
it's been a place to document the fun and funny stuff and the changes in our family, for posterity sake. eventually i started sharing my own interests, namely what i'm doing around the house, what i'm creating for the house, what i'm painting, etc.

those interests have led to the opening of green seed creations.  i have created a blog that will be dedicated to that endeavour so that this little place can be given back to the happenings of my family.

they may occasionally overlap, as they do in real life, but i will try to keep them separate.

i had a booth at a craft fair over the weekend. they boys were out for part of it. here's what Spinner and Tank enjoyed.

i was talking to a customer in the booth when tank came running up to me with his war paint on. he growled a big growl and gnashed his teeth. as you can see he has an american flag painted on his face. this confused me. i asked pastor j if tank knew what was on his face. i was told that, yes, he picked out the image himself. tank growled at me again, wanting to be acknowledged, so i said, "whooaaahh! what a scary, um, flag you are!" he got mad at me saying, "no flag. tiger. no flag. tank tiger."

yes, tank, you are a scary, scary tiger. roar!

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