Is everything okay in there? . . .

a police officer was calling out as he was knocking harshly on our door yesterday afternoon. I was sitting on the floor with Luke, Wil and Timothy - enjoying their ability to make one another laugh - when the officer arrived. I open the door. He asks if I am alone. "My kids are here with me." He is looking at me suspiciously and asking if there are any other adults in the house, if I am sure etc. He checks behind my door, asks about the sound coming from upstairs (it is the washing machine), and asks me if I would tell him if I was in trouble. "Uh, yes, what's going on." We received a 911 call from this address and heard a child screaming in the background, he says, and couldn't get through when trying to call back. I'm not sure how this could have happened since I have been with all three and Luke is the only one capable of using the phone anyway. Once the officer leaves I take a look around and find that the phone in our office is in an old porcelain cane holder in there and is on. I remember that Wil shut himself in the room earlier, a common occurrence, and was fussing to get out. Evidently he got the phone off the cradle, turned it on and managed to punch in the very numbers he should not before tossing it in the cane holder where his cries sounded distant and muffled to the operator.


I love it!

It makes me so happy to see a baby with Down syndrome on the cover of a parenting magazine. It is even nicer to find such a positive article written about the joys of parenting these amazing kids.
If you can get your hands on a copy. . . check it out!

Food and Fun

Timothy is following in his brothers footsteps in many ways, his love of eating being at the top of the list! At the rate the three of them are eating our grocery bill will soon match our mortgage.
And, as sometimes happens with the third child, we are finding that we are less concerned with certain things - like where Timothy finds his food. This is a common scene. . . (occasionally the floor is even clean)
Timothy scavenging for food beneath Wil's chair.

Wil has also taught Timothy how to become an expert at one of his favorite activities. . .

emptying the toilet paper roll. It is evidently great fun because we cannot keep these two away from the toilet paper - and for some reason we cannot remember to keep the bathroom door shut. As a result this is an almost daily occurance. Timothy one-up'ed Wil today by emptying the roll on the wall and then pulling a roll from under the cabinet to shred. As you can see he is quite pleased with himself.

Mountain Getaway

After a solid week of triple digit temps we packed our bags and headed for the hills. Though we did not find the traditional kind of solitude one often seeks in the mountains (we woke each morning to Luke's voice bouncing off the quiet, cool mountains, and no doubt waking the neighbors) we did enjoy time together as a family. We found a little something for everyone (James even got to do some trail running with a friend in Boone) and were able to keep a nice balance of enjoying the outdoors and not pushing the boys beyond their breaking points. Here are a some captured moments.

Views from the parkway, always spectacular!

Some friends from Florida graciously allowed us to stay in their vacation home for the week. It was such a nice gift to us. One of the fun perks was the location - just outside of Boone with fabulous views all around, including Grandfather Mountain. The house is located in a community full of Christmas tree farms. We walked by this farm each day as we trekked up the mountain.

We made the short hike to see Linville Falls. Luke found all sorts of things to explore along the way.

"Wow, this just keeps getting better and better!" Luke declared with each new adventure. He thoroughly enjoyed hiking and playing in the cool mountain streams.

Timothy just enjoyed the action. He laughed his way through the whole trip.

Wil is proving to be quite the explorer. If there is anything around worth climbing he will attempt it. This is a new development for him so we are really happy with this new found strength, balance and confidence.

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