Is everything okay in there? . . .

a police officer was calling out as he was knocking harshly on our door yesterday afternoon. I was sitting on the floor with Luke, Wil and Timothy - enjoying their ability to make one another laugh - when the officer arrived. I open the door. He asks if I am alone. "My kids are here with me." He is looking at me suspiciously and asking if there are any other adults in the house, if I am sure etc. He checks behind my door, asks about the sound coming from upstairs (it is the washing machine), and asks me if I would tell him if I was in trouble. "Uh, yes, what's going on." We received a 911 call from this address and heard a child screaming in the background, he says, and couldn't get through when trying to call back. I'm not sure how this could have happened since I have been with all three and Luke is the only one capable of using the phone anyway. Once the officer leaves I take a look around and find that the phone in our office is in an old porcelain cane holder in there and is on. I remember that Wil shut himself in the room earlier, a common occurrence, and was fussing to get out. Evidently he got the phone off the cradle, turned it on and managed to punch in the very numbers he should not before tossing it in the cane holder where his cries sounded distant and muffled to the operator.



Christina said... do the darndest things!

Lark said...

Aggh! Grant almost did the same thing yesterday, but he dialed 933. He plays with the phone all the time. Why do we even buy toys?

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