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New climbing apparatus. After a couple of months in our home our built-in bookshelves are now in place and James can unload the boxes and boxes of books that have been stacked in our guest room. He will also find out how many received water damage from being stored in the garage of the rental house during the great plumbing disaster. But before any books go on the shelves the boys must test out their strength and experiment with the sound of their own voices in this particular spot.

And Wil has a new sign - "cold". His whole body gets into this one!

New appreciation. Luke is evolving in his role as big brother and developing in his understand-ing of Down syndrome and how that impacts Wil and makes him special. Luke had "show and tell" at school last week and said he wanted to take a picture of his brothers and tell his classmates all about them and about how Wil is going to do everything other kids do - that it will just take him a little longer. I was so proud.
And then the four year old emerged with a loud belch and an explanation of the various flavors that accompany his burps. In the end he decided a plastic elephant would be more interesting for "show and tell". :)


Christina said...

LOL that is so funny about the belch and flavors...I am dying over here! Kids entertain themselves no matter what is around don't they?!

S. said...

Oh I love the sign for cold! L. does a similar thing--it cracks us up!

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