Food and Fun

Timothy is following in his brothers footsteps in many ways, his love of eating being at the top of the list! At the rate the three of them are eating our grocery bill will soon match our mortgage.
And, as sometimes happens with the third child, we are finding that we are less concerned with certain things - like where Timothy finds his food. This is a common scene. . . (occasionally the floor is even clean)
Timothy scavenging for food beneath Wil's chair.

Wil has also taught Timothy how to become an expert at one of his favorite activities. . .

emptying the toilet paper roll. It is evidently great fun because we cannot keep these two away from the toilet paper - and for some reason we cannot remember to keep the bathroom door shut. As a result this is an almost daily occurance. Timothy one-up'ed Wil today by emptying the roll on the wall and then pulling a roll from under the cabinet to shred. As you can see he is quite pleased with himself.


Laura Lynch said...

You brought me a smile and reminders of "the good ol' days" which of course were both fun and hard.

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