Do You See What I See?

Evidently Wil did not. His latest opthamology appointment revealed declining eyesight. His doctor said things have been pretty blury for him, so. . . one of the issues that we were hoping to avoid is our newest challenge. Glasses. Here he is with his new specs.

I know what you are thinking. "Oh how cute" and "look how well he is keeping them on." Just so you know, not doing so well on the latter. I am holding his arms down here to keep him from yanking the glasses off and chucking them across the room. He had also calmed down a bit after much song and dance from the rest of us. Here is how he really feels about them.
So we have something else to work on. Hopefully he will begin to make the connection that he sees much more clearly with them on. For now we are aiming for a few minutes at a time.


janethayes said...

I understand the thing about glasses? HAVe you had a chance to tlak the OT about it. They usually have some very creative solutions for such thing. Wil may not llike the fell to the frames around his temple. That is apressure point. Then again, he looks different, the world looks different. Ben doesn't like different much. either. He finaly got used to wearing glasses at school. Now I am working on at home for the summer. There is never a dull moment. They keep it all very real.

toddandholli said...

I love the glasses! Will you are so cute in them. Lots of hugs and kisses.

Megan's got 47 said...

looks like Will and Megan are working on the "keeping the glasses on" together. Although it is a struggle, he does look sooo cute.

jacknbellasmama said...

He is adorable! I love little ones in daughter got hers at 18 months and we can't imagine her without them! (she's now 3 1/2)

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