On the third day of summer. . .

After the fanfare,

and accolades
of the last day of school, summer has been a bit of an adjustment around here.

Spinner is wandering aimlessly around the house while reading his new "chapter" books. I think he has already plowed through four of the ten that I bought him for the summer.

When he's not reading he is experimenting with new ways to take in fluids.

When he gets really bored he starts counting books.

Bean, no doubt sensing that I long for more laundry to wash, has returned to his old ways of stripping all his clothes (and diaper) before falling asleep.

Tank is empathizing with my desire for a little more estrogen around here and trying to find ways to meet that need in my life.

And I am doing a lot of this. . .

because Tank thinks it is hiLARious to lock all the interior doors, over and over and over again. It never gets old for him.


How is your summer starting out?


Lark said...

lol. wow.

bigben said...

thank you for the hint with west columbia (t21 traveling afghan map) - that's all i needed!!! thanks,


Kelly said...

Thanks for allowing your family to keep me company during class. I'm sure the prof knows that I am now always smiling at his lectures though!

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