DIY Lamp

In keeping with my mission to turn the things in my home that
I am not crazy about into things I am crazy about I have
done something I never thought I would do.
Use a glue gun.

This little lamp was my project. I have had it for years. It lights up a dark corner on my kitchen counters. It's the right size. The right brightness. The colors are okay. But it's just a little too. . . cutesy for me. So I grabbed some spray paint from the garage, some old burlap from the attic, and my new glue gun.

I painted it olive green and used some brown acrylic paint to add a little dimension to the flower. I took the burlap and glued it to the shade. I only burnt (burned ?) off two fingerprints in the process!

I think at some point I will add some chocolate brown trim to the shade but for now that detail will have to wait. The busyness of the holiday season begins tomorrow for us so the growing list of projects forming in my mind will be put on hold until January as I make way for holiday trimmings.

Until then I will enjoy the new look of my kitchen lamp. I will certainly be spending plenty of time in this area over the next several weeks!


Beth said...

Love it! So much better! Also, how are the google ads working for you?

waldenhouse said...

Hey Beth,
Thanks for liking my lamp. :)
The ads. Uh, not a huge money maker to be sure. I have earned a whopping $15 and most of that came on the heels of me groveling for clicks to the few readers I have.

Lark said...

Nice Job! You are too crafty and creative for me ;o)

Ian said...

I love it Stacy!! Wonderful idea!!! And that brown trim will be the perfect finishing touch! The other day I was thinking about several things "Why in the world do I have this out? It has no sentimental attachment, and I don't even like it..." Habits are funny things!!

Oh, I'm logged in as Ian who has a "sports blog" for family and I can't figure out how to change it back to me...this is Jen! :)

Caroline said...

Oh I really like this change! It seems to fit you much better! Nice work.

REbekah said...

Adorable!! Love the change!!

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