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One of my favorite pasttimes is grabbing my laptop, getting comfy on the couch and perusing the many home decor blogs at my finger tips. I'm not talking about professional interior design blogs, those are fun. What I really love are blogs written by all the creative women out there. With such varied styles. Creating a space they love while pinching pennies. Junking and thrifting and making something out of nothing.

Sarah at The Beach Cottage  is currently among my favorite home blogs. She's a mom, she's creative, she's frugal and she can make anything look warm, inviting, and cozy. It challenges me to look around my home and find ways to make it beautiful. To make it a space that reflects my family. So, check her out.

Another reason to check her out is that she is giving away an Anthropology gift certificate. Talk about eye candy!! Anthropology. . . man oh man! 

If I could, I would outfit myself and my home with everything from that heaven on earth. But. . . I can't. So I won't. But maybe I can win a little slice of goodness.

I so hesitate to tell you about this little giveaway.  I mean, I am posting about it for purely selfish reasons. If I blog about it then my name goes in the hat twice! But then, of course, if I tell you that just decreases my chances because then you all will head over and throw your name in the hat. Oh well. Consider it my good deed of the day. :)


Messy@ Bungalow'56 said...

Thanks for the tip, and I would have to agree, I no longer feel the need to buy decor mags anymore. There are so many great sites on the web.

Design Wanna-be said...

Did somebody say "Anthropologie gift card?" Gotta go!!!!

Sally said...

I popped over from April~Coal Creek Farm; you have a lovely place here. Also, saw what you accomplished with the furnishings in your b/r ~ LOVELY!! I love that slate blue also. :)

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