let the summer begin

School is out, marking the official start of summer. Although, Spinner argued with me for 10 minutes that technically it is still Spring.

"Right," I said, but it's summer break.

"Well, maybe it shouldn't be called that until June 21 when summer really starts," replied Spinner.

"Mmmm, maybe, but if it's okay with you I am still going to refer to the next few weeks as summer."

"I gueeeess," moaned Spinner as if he was having to make too big a compromise.

And so begins our summer. Methinks it's going to be a long one! To fill our days we created our summer to do list and posted it in the kitchen.

We kicked things off today with a trip to a local spray park.

It's a really fun place with lot's of whimsical trees, shapes and animals all spewing water for kids to dance and frolick in.

Bean had a great time!

Tank, turning a wheel that controls the rate at which water pours from another contraption nearby. He was a little devilish with this one as he watched the other kids react.

Spinner getting dumped on.

A moment of brotherly love. I'll take all I can get.

They had a great time, asking when we could return as soon as we left.

The fun, however, really began later in the evening. After the littles went to bed, exhausted, Spinner went out with Pastor J for a bike ride. Their plan was to go 6 miles. Pastor J running while Spinner rode his bike. I was happy to have approximately one hour to sit in a quiet house and enjoy the sushi I just picked up. Alone.

I had just taken my last bite of sushi when the front door swung open. Standing in the doorway was Spinner, bloody. His entire neck was covered in red and his face was squished in anquish. Pastor J was telling him to try not to scream, knowing that waking up Bean and Tank would only add to the drama. That was a hard request for him to honor.

I took him in the bathroom and for the next 20 minutes worked to clean him up to figure out exactly where his cuts were and how deep they were. While doing so he explained to me through tears and a shakey voice that he was going down a hill toward a wooden bridge and felt so out of control he couldn't think straight and forgot about his brakes. Then. . . he slammed into a wooden crossbeam on the bridge. Poor thing had to get up and ride his bike home.

Here he is all cleaned up.

Right around his adam's apple is the biggest cut. It didn't seem big enough for a suture but was still a bit deep so Papa was called to bring over some butterfly closures and give a second opinion.

Uber prepared, he came with his massive kit and determined that due to the location of the cut, in the fold of his neck, a simple bandaid was all that was needed.

And so begins our summer vacation.


Mary said...

Poor guy! I hope it heals soon!

We just made a summer list too! Yours is much nicer (ours is on notebook paper)!

Dorothy said...

AAH! def flinched (almost screamed) when i saw the first pic of bloody Luke. soo thankful it wasn't worse!!!

Liza said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad he's okay.

Kathy@ Gone North said...

OH...Ouch! Poor guy. I also have 3 boys, now grown, but we really have fun telling "Remember When" stories. This will be one for you :)
I was just following some blog trails this morning & found you. Intigued, as our son is doing a Church plant...so I read some of your sweet blog....
Blessings on your new business venture, may it be fun, & profitable :)

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