returning the blog for it's rightful purpose

this blog started out to serve as updates on our family, the boys, and life with a child with down syndrome.
it's been a place to document the fun and funny stuff and the changes in our family, for posterity sake. eventually i started sharing my own interests, namely what i'm doing around the house, what i'm creating for the house, what i'm painting, etc.

those interests have led to the opening of green seed creations.  i have created a blog that will be dedicated to that endeavour so that this little place can be given back to the happenings of my family.

they may occasionally overlap, as they do in real life, but i will try to keep them separate.

i had a booth at a craft fair over the weekend. they boys were out for part of it. here's what Spinner and Tank enjoyed.

i was talking to a customer in the booth when tank came running up to me with his war paint on. he growled a big growl and gnashed his teeth. as you can see he has an american flag painted on his face. this confused me. i asked pastor j if tank knew what was on his face. i was told that, yes, he picked out the image himself. tank growled at me again, wanting to be acknowledged, so i said, "whooaaahh! what a scary, um, flag you are!" he got mad at me saying, "no flag. tiger. no flag. tank tiger."

yes, tank, you are a scary, scary tiger. roar!


Design Wanna-be said...

Cute! I´ll check out your other blog to see how the craft fair went. I hope you were happy with it.

Dorothy said...

there's a fine line b/tw flag & tiger. love this! keep the stories comin.

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