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I love to hear stories like this one. Austin's doctors gave his parent's little hope 29 years ago, and even now, with an IQ of 41, many specialists wouldn't expect much of him. But he is proving them all wrong.

We have been fortunate to have some very supportive specialists, doctors, and therapists on Wil's team, none of which allude to a grim future for Wil. Though now that Wil is transitioning to school we have been told repeatedly by his school psychologist (the woman that leads our IEP meetings) that he scored "extremely low" on his psych eval and that he is "extremely low functioning." She tells us this with a careful, slow rhythm to her voice as if we may crack or be shocked that our son is cogvititely delayed. I'm not sure why she feels the need to remind us of this at each meeting. Maybe she is trying to keep our expectations low for Wil or maybe she thinks we are naive about Wil's abilities or maybe this is just her job. I don't know. I do know that her 45 minute interaction and experience with him does not sum up Wil's abilities. I look forward to seeing Wil surprise his IEP team.


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