Being a Mom

It is often said that being a mom is a thankless job. There are many, many days that I would agree with that sentiment. Days when Luke argues with everything that rolls off my tongue, Wil knocks a cup of coffee onto our semi-decent, light in color, rug before climbing on the back of the sofa and pulling pictures off the wall while Timothy is in the other room removing the contents of the full trash can piece by piece. And, to be perfectly honest, most days are like that. But sprinkled in between all those moments are moments like this.
Cuddles in bed, tight hugs from Wil, Luke gardening with me, Timothy bringing me his favorite book to read to him, all of them giggling hysterically as they hit me with pillows and run the other way hoping to be chased. And countless other moments. These moments do not make my job as Luke, Wil and Timothy's mom feel thankless. They leave me unspeakably fulfilled and thankful and remind me that the mishaps and challenges in between are all a part of shaping me into the mom they need me to be.


Rose said...

Stacey, this is a great post and a beautiful picture. What a special way to capture the love you have for your boys, and they for you. I hope one day that I have a bed full of beautiful children like yours! Happy late Mother's Day!

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