Growing Up

Finally! Luke is done with Preschool. It was made official today with a graduation ceremony. Complete with cap and gown.

Luke was happy to sit next to his buddy, P, during the ceremony. P has been his best pal all year. They share bathroom humor (unfortunately) tall tales (like werewolves visiting them at night), girlfriends (that's right they are becoming smitten with the girls), and a love of Pirates. It was very nice of the teachers to allow them to sit next to one another. Because during class? They have been "split up" for some time now. Evidently, P is just as chatty as Luke and the two of them together made the teachers head spin.

Here is Luke (on left) chatting up his friend during the ceremony. No doubt making a silly face.

And now Luke has turned to give us a smile after his teacher had to give him and P the ole' "cut it out" pat on the shoulder. Note his teacher's arm over the pew. It pretty much stayed there the whole time.

Receiving of the Diploma. We now have a kindergartner.

Luke and J. J is evidently talking marriage. Luke, however, tells me that J is "too silly to be in love with." O (no pics of her), however, is much more the marrying kind and Luke reports that he loves her. When asked what he loves about her he says, "I like the way she looks." Turns out it is the green hair ribbon she adorns that really pulls him in.

Luke is so ready for his next phase. Me? Not so much.


Becky Consunji said...

I cannot believe Luke will be in kindergarten. All those pictures made me cry. I don't know if I'm extra emotional from the pregnancy or what. I don't know how I'll handle it when Tosh finishes preschool. Sometimes you just want time to stand still.
love Becky

Spitmonkey said...

Oh, so handsome, Stacy! And I love his philosophy on girls. At least he will be an appreciative man with the ladies. :)

Ctina said...'s startin' young! I can't read your blog without laughing deep laughs...your boys are out of control :)

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