Dreamnight at the Zoo 2008

This time last year our family attended our first Dreamnight at the zoo. It is a really nice night designed to create a fun, safe environment for kids with special needs and their family. Everything is free, including dinner, and there is something going on around every corner. From a steal drum band to hoola hoop lessons to a dance floor. And of course there are the animals. Last year was nice but we left early because Luke started feeling bad which turned into round 15 of stomach virus for our family. This year everyone was well and, apart from the 100 degree heat, it was great fun for all the boys.
Like last year there was much fanfare at the entrance including bubbles and a tunnel of welcoming, smiling, and cheering volunteers that made the night possible.

You can't see it here but we were standing in front of big fans blowing mist. The young man and girl to the right are two sweet teenagers, also with Down syndrome, that were having a blast together. We ran into them at least three times during the evening and they were always laughing and cutting up.

Watching the bubbles. woooooooo.

Timothy enjoyed the merry-go-round although he was a bit skeptical.

And the big hit of the night? Dancing. Wil is not loosing his balance here. He is dancing. And he is dancing with confidence. Here he is slapping the ground and returning to stand as everyone follows the lead of the DJ. He had a great time. And his balance is really improving!!


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