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My day, apart from hanging with the boys, consists of picking up clothes, washing clothes, folding clothes, putting away clothes, ironing clothes, cleaning sticky spots off the hardwood floor, spot cleaning the sofa, carpet, and rugs, doing dishes, unclogging toilets, pulling toys out of the umbrella stand, fireplace, and trashcan, and. . . well you get the idea. I am moving around the house. A lot. In and out of rooms, in and out of closets, up and down the stairs and definitely in and out of the laundry room. As I do this I make many interesting discoveries. Here is a sampling from one day:
This rotting banana peel was found in Luke's closet. Thankfully, it appears to have been there for only a few hours. When I asked Luke why the banana peel was in his closet he shrugged his shoulders and responded, "I don't know, seemed like a good place to put it."

What is all that noise in the dryer?! Oh, it's a ?, a washer, rocks, a nail (!), a marble, rubber bands, and a toy magnet - presumably collected by Luke and put in his pockets. Pockets which I failed to empty before washing.

I exit the laundry room to find my beloved Pirate's Booty was scavenged by Wil and Timothy who polished off the bag and ripped it open to lick the crumbs. They scampered off when they heard me coming around the corner. Little Rats!

And before I can clear the table from breakfast the youngest Rat dumps a full cup a milk. And he laughs and laughs. Evidently watching liquid fall from a cup - which he is experiencing a lot lately - is hysterical! But not to Luke who was filled with angst when the milk hit his morning craft.
Later in the day I went to empty this little coin bank of Luke's, a silver Noah's Ark. It was a gift he received from a family friend when he was born. He has a much larger piggy bank from his uncle Ricky so I thought I would transfer the coins in here to the larger bank and move this one to Timothy's room so that he can start putting his own coins in. Here is what I found in this coin bank:
Acorns, but of course. What else?

What I didn't capture on film from this day was the contents of the bathroom trash can emptied into the toilet. Compliments of Wil. Swift action was necessary so there was no time to grab the camera.

What random things do you stumble across during your day?


Ctina said...

I stumble across fur...lots and lots of fur...mostly from the cat...but also from my hairy husband...

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