Today's Hospital Adventure

We arrived at outpatient surgery at 7am with a hungry Wil. Poor guy he repeatedly signed "eat" and "milk" but we could do nothing for him. But thankfully a children's unit has plenty to preoccupy hungry little one's waiting on procedures.
There were cool games with Wil's favorite animals - cows and sheep.
We did a little reading in between seeing the nurse and waiting to speak with the anesthesiologist.
But Wil, being his father's son and all, became bored with Baby Einstein and moved on to loftier subject matter.
And then Scan time arrived. The anesthesiologist and his team are getting ready to sedate him here.
or not. He really wasn't too interested in what they were doing. Thankfully sedation works pretty fast.

He will be out in no time. We were grateful they did not have to intubate. The goal was general anesthesia through some breathing contraption but if he put up a fuss they were going to have to intubate. No one wanted that considering the whole reason we were there was neck instability. Only one issue came up that we had to push on a bit. The neurosurgeon that ordered the scans did not order a flexion and extension view. I was given good advice by Renee to make sure that we get those views, otherwise we will end up having to repeat the scans. Dr. Betz also wanted those views. At first the tech said, "if Dr. Smith didn't order it we can't do it." We politely pushed this point explaining our reasons. Reminding them that we don't want to have to repeat these costly tests, etc. After discussing it with the Radiologist they agreed to do flexion and extension. So yay, small battle won. And again, many thanks to Renee for giving us the heads up on that one!

On the other side of it Wil was happy again. Well, once he got something to eat that is. He was downright crabby when he woke up. But we won't show that side of him. :)

And now we are back in waiting mode. We took two copies of the scans with us. Dr. Betz should receive his copy tomorrow afternoon and once he reviews it will contact us. Our neurosurgeon here should be in touch with us some time next week. We are told if we don't hear from him by Tuesday to call. Hopefully by the end of next week we will have some idea of our next step.

And then Sunday we leave for vacation to Boone, NC. Ten days and counting!!


gracenwilk said...

What an adorable kid you two have got there! I'm uncle to Little David, back home in Greenville SC after receiving a bone marrow transplant at Duke (AML). Your will looks every bit as lovable as Mighty D. Thanks for this site and for your willingness to share your kids and your faith. No sermon is more powerful.

Little David's Uncle Mark

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

WHEW!!!! I'm SOOOO glad you pushed for the flexion/extension views because otherwise he definitely would have had to get it done again! AND I'm glad it went well! :) We're praying hard for NO AOI and for the miracle of the AAI diagnosis being wrong!!

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