I'm Speechless

Those are the words that rolled off the tongue of Wil's neurosurgeon today.

I mentioned here - or somewhere - that I was really praying that once the scans were reviewed by Dr. S we would hear something to the effect of, "I have never seen anything like it - the gap is gone."

Essentially that is what we heard today. Dr. Smith called on my cell as I was about to enter the grocery store. In a nutshell here is what he told me. "I can't explain it but the width that was so clear on x-ray, that was so impressive, no longer looks threatening. AOI is not an issue but most noteably the 7 mm gap revealed on xray at the AA joint ranges from 3.5 - 4.2 with flexion and extension. To be frank with you I am a bit speechless, I fully expected to be contacting you to set up a surgery date."

I asked him if the xray may have been misread. He said, "no, not by Dr. L or me. I really can't explain it but am happy to give you this good news."

He wants to see Wil back in one year to repeat the MRI and CT scan but for now he has no restrictions!

We praise God for His mercy on Wil and are humbled today by this gift from Him.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

OHHHH my goodness!! I have tears in my eyes!!!! :) I'm so excited for you! God is good! Are you still having the films sent to Dr. Betz?

That is so awesome, I have chills!

Spitmonkey said...

Oh Stacy, that is SO AWESOME!! Looks like all our prayers for Wil worked!! :D

Tom said...

Such cool news... very happy for you and Wil.

Brian and Rose said...

Wow. What amazing news. God is so good.

Mary said...

Wow! What wonderful news!

Lark said...

My goodness! What a praise! We are so happy to hear about this!

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