A dream realized

This morning while at the gym, struggling to put one foot in front of the other on the treadmill but finding the distraction of the Today Show helpful, they teased me with a story to be shown in their next half hour.

It was about a high school senior with Down syndrome and his time on the basketball court. Well, I had to see that. So, I stayed on the treadmill and learned about women's heart disease, exercise equipment "as seen on tv" and their claim to fame, and more about our struggling economy.

Finally, the story I was waiting on came on. It's about a boy named Patrick who had his dream of playing on the high school basketball team realized. For me it was about a boy who was loved, cared for, and accepted by his peers. So glad I waited and got an extra 30 minutes of exercise to boot!

Enjoy! Patrick's dream


Spitmonkey said...

Oh, that is AWESOME! He's better at basketball than me, that's for sure! I can't play to save my life, let alone get two three-pointers! Go, Patrick!

Lark said...

I've got little tears in my eyes. I hope I can raise my kids to appreciate others with differences like those high schoolers did with Patrick. Thanks for the video!

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