Picking up the pace

Once upon a time, I loved to exercise.
Running, Biking, Kickboxing (does that date me?), Aerobics classes, Weight training, you name it.
I loved it so much that I studied it. And don't be fooled, degrees in the exercise sciences are no walk in the park. At least for me. Kinesiology nearly ended my academic endeavors. But I made it. I survived kinesiology, and anatomy and physiology, and all the other sciences that challenged my brain. I didn't do so well in tennis but that's another story. A very pitiful one that reveals my lack of coordination.
Exercise was part of my life for a long time. I studied it, then I taught it. For seven years I worked in a hospital wellness facility where I helped others find their inner love of exercise. Or at least scared them into it with all the statistics about how bad the future is for those that don't make regular exercise a part of a busy life.
Then, I left my field of study. I went to seminary. With no free place to workout and no extra cash to join one, combined with the demand of studies and work, my commitment to exercise started to slide. My motivation wasn't totally lost though. I walked and ran and, thankfully, still had a great metabolism.
Then it happened. Marriage. Followed by kids. Followed by an aging body. The combo has turned me into one of those 40ish women that my 25 year old self pleaded with to get serious about leading a healthy lifestyle.
So, with months of sporadic trips to the gym behind me I am turning over a new leaf. Or is it an old one? I am going to get back to the gym in a serious way. We have a free membership to the YMCA (something they do for pastors) which I have not taken full advantage of.
Up to now my trips to the gym have been half-hearted at best. I decided I need a class. One that pushes me beyond what I might do on my own. So, with fear and trembling, I went to my first spinning class in over two years. Something I once enjoyed.
Immediately recognized as a newbie to the class the big burly male instructor, named Andy, approached me, asking if I needed help. Knowing that in just minutes he was going to see how out-0f-shape I was I played dumb and asked for help setting up my bike. I wasn't about to tell him I was once an Exercise Physiologist.
Once he set up my bike and explained to me everything I already knew about spinning he looked at me and, in his big burly rough voice, said, "IN FIVE MINUTES I WANT YOU TO BE ASKING YOURSELF WHY YOU CAME IN HERE!!!" Uh, okay sir, yes sir, I am sure I will. Thank you.
And five minutes in to the 50 minute class I was doing just that. To get through the torture I started thinking about other things. Like spring. And whether I want to add any new plants to my perennial garden. What vegetables I should attempt this year, making a mental note to do some research when I get home. I was thinking I shouldn't invest too much more since we want to move downtown when I heard his voice again.
I looked up and Andy was pointing at me. "GIRL, YOU ARE SETTING THE PACE FOR THE CLASS TODAY! LET'S GO!!! PICK IT UP!"
As I laughed nervously, looking around at all the uberfit 20 something first time moms in their super cute workout gear, I tried with all my might to increase my rpm and then vowed to get on the back row the next time I darkened the door of Andy's class.
And I will. It was just what I needed. For the sake of my ever-changing body and for the old me, that I thought was long lost.


Terry Family said...

You go!!! That's great that you're back in the gym. I had no idea that the YMCA gives Pastors free gym memberships. That must be why my Pastor has the membership and why he doesn't feel guilty about never going! I don't know what a membership costs you but here in NY it's $80 a month at the Y for family. In this economy, I'm surprised anyone belongs to a gym.

waldenhouse said...

Thanks Kandi! I don't know if all Y's extend this privilege to pastor's but we are grateful for it. It would be $84/mo. otherwise and we definitely wouldn't be able to swing that right now. So, I am going to take advangage of it while I can!!

Caroline said...

Are you insane? You started back to the gym with spinning? Seriously?! Haha. I haven't worked myself up to that class; I'm far too fearful of the pain!

Little Miss E said...

I loved spin class!! But you are a bit insane to start out off the bat with it! How in the heck did you keep up???

waldenhouse said...

yes - insane and impatient. it has been two years since i have been in a spinning class but not two years since i have moved my body, so it didn't seem that over the top to me.

but then, i do tend to overdo things. :)

Ruby's Mom said...

Oh,wow! I'm so impressed!
I bought a jogging stroller and I'm going to start jogging again.Maybe I'll try spinning after I get back in shape:)

Ctina said...

So I'm pretty sure this is my favorite blog post ever! First of all, your mother of 3 body, I believe, is much healthier than my 26 year old mother of a furry cat body. :p Second, you go back there and dominate that class and those little first time mothers in their cute little matching exercise outfits....yes....you do that....dominate!!!

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