Three Things

1. I have mentioned before how valuable the on-line Down syndrome community has been to me. I have often wished I could take a road trip to meet all the great moms (and some dads) and kids that have helped me navigate the twisty and unexpected roads we have traveled since Wil's birth. I can't do that. But Little Miss E's mom has come up with the next best thing. A traveling afghan that will make many stops at the homes of families I have enjoyed getting to know in the blogiverse. A notebook will accompany the afghan with notes from families around the world. Yes, the world. This little afghan has quite a journey ahead. When it shows in our mailbox I will be sure to post a photo. Well, maybe. See #3.

2. Speaking of the Down syndrome community. Avery, son of Jennifer Graf Groneberg, author of Road Map to Holland, is about to have open heart surgery. Many of us know all too well how difficult it is to hand your child over for a surgery such as this. Remember them on March 11 as Avery goes in for surgery. You can read more about it here and even leave her a word of encouragement if you wish.

3. My youngest - by far the most destructive child of our brood - decided to play "let it float" with my camera. My camera did not float. In case you are wondering. It also did not survive the game. He also played said game with my bottle of migraine meds. It did float but he didn't like that so he submerged them, allowing water to fill the bottle and dissolve my costly, good as gold, pills. After that he made his way into Luke and Wil's room and dumped out all the colored sand Luke was using for a project. Bright oranges, blues, yellows, greens, browns ALL. OVER. the carpet. And my vacuum? It's been broken for a week. Fun times around here. And costly.

By the way. . . If you want to follow the afghan just click on the T21 Traveling Afghan button on my right sidebar. It will take you to Little Miss E's blog where she will provide updates and pictures of all those who receive it.


Little Miss E said...

Wow, it sounds like you need WAY MORE than an afghan! I'm so sorry you're having a rough week. Keep your chin up, hopefully next week will be better!

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