winter blues

Tired of this

Ready for this


My name is Sarah said...

We can't wait too. We did have our sunroof open in the car today.

Lark said...

I am getting a hydranga from the funeral flowers from my grandpa's service. How do I keep it alive? I kill everything. Your garden looks so pretty (in spring...not quite as lovely with the chair in it) :o)

waldenhouse said...

Hey Lark,
The big thing with hydranga's is the ph - you should test yours to see what your levels are so you will know how to ammend the soil. The more acidid the soil the brighter the color. Though there are so many varieties now that it may not necessarily impact the color of some. But for overall health they do need a lower ph. Mix in some good organic soil, plant, and mulch. There are fertilizers out there for huydranga's you cna check out. Also find a spot that gets some shade for part of the day.

The chair, by the way, is intentional. :) It is a focal point in the garden. When there are flowers blooming all around it doesn't look like cute. :)

We will be in gville in a couple weeks - hope to see you guys.

waldenhouse said...

uh - "it doesn't look like cute" - can you tell a child was interrupting me?
"it looks cute"

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