An awesome day, not

Wow, it's been a super swell day at the Walden house. And because I don't like my husband to miss out on all the fun, I documented the day to share with him.

This is Tank. Moments after waking. I have Spinner and Bean in the car ready to make the drop off rounds. Tank refuses to comply. With anything. He was angry I removed him from his crib, crying "cwib, cwib, cwib," as I carried him downstairs. He cried for his 'vaffle,' then rejected it the moment he laid eyes on it. I took it back, then he screamed "vaffle, vaffle." And so it went. He refused to walk to the car so I physically wrestled him into his seat in order to avoid tardy slips for his brothers.

Moments later. This.

In addition to a disdain for being in the car, Bean gets highly upset every single morning when we go straight rather than right at the four way stop outside of our neighborhood. Why? Because going straight does not take us to Papa's and he knows this. And apparently, Papa's is the only place that makes him happy these days.

Once home, Tank sets off playing. While doing so he finds an old sippy cup that went missing weeks ago. He guzzled like he'd had no liquids in a week. Then he projectile vomited the curdled milk he had unwittingly ingested, looking at me like I had betrayed him in the worst way.

Later, while comforting Bean (who would not nap today) in the den, I hear the water running in the upstairs bathroom. I call out to Tank, who is obsessed with brushing his teeth, to turn the water off and come downstairs. I turn back to Bean and moments later find Tank behind me quietly saying, "sour, sour," (shower) while pointing upstairs.

I remove his clothes and deposit him in the den, where I have turned on 'Horton Hears a Who' in an attempt to paralyze his mind so I can clean up his bathroom. He did not, in fact, turn on the shower, but used a cup to pour water from the sink all over himself and the bathroom, amounting to about 1/4 inch of water all over the floor, making its way to the carpeted hall. I used a load's worth of towels to sop it up and returned downstairs.

To find this.

Tank, who did not want his cooked 'vaffle' this morning had retrieved the waffles from the freezer and was eating them from the bag, FROZEN. And he was NAKED. Yes, he removed his diaper. Then urinated on the rug and coffee table. But he was thoughtful and pointed it out to me, saying, "yucky, yucky."

Simultaneously, I was saying "no" to Spinner's request to call friends to come over and play in the rain. This did not make him happy. He let me know.

Then he took a stool onto the front porch to watch out for kids who had nice parents that let them play outside in the rain. Pitiful.

That, was followed by this.

Big tears while discussing the need to get a prescription for eye drops. Seems he has contracted conjunctivitis.

You know what that means. Tank and Bean will be next.

The day has been documented. Not one of them appreciated my bringing out the camera in the midst of their tantrums, but hey, what are mom's for if not to laugh at their kids? Don't worry, I doled out hugs too. I also yelled a little. It was a well balanced day.

And now, weary as I feel, I am laughing and feeling thankful for my spunky, highly spirited boys.


My name is Sarah said...

Wow, what a day!!! LOL at the frozen waffles then the pee on the rug. Just wait until they are all teenagers and they are watching basketball hour after hour and screaming at every play. That's what I hear right now with my brothers downstairs.

Spitmonkey said...

There are days when I swear I think the girls are rebelling against me, and now that C is here, they like to tag team.

Not even 2 months old and she is taking bad, BAD advice from her older sister.

And yet, reading this post makes me very happy that I am not alone in this venture. *lol*

Good job holding the fort together, Mom! :D

Caroline Parker said...

I have no words, but holy cow they crack me up! If little Sadie begins to do anything like take of her clothes and pee...I will know how to call for advice;)

Anonymous said...

You are living up to the title of your blog! Yikes! lol

Ctina said...

Thank your boys for providing Greg and I with highly entertaining reading material while we wait in Denver for our flight to San Fran! Believe me, we needed it!

Lark said...

A day in the life of. You just had that feeling it was going to be a camera worthy day didn't you? Wow. Any one of those things happening in a day is stressful, but all in one day. Amazing.

Kelly said...

I thought I was the only one who had days like that... thanks for sharing and helping me to laugh empathetically!

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