Monday Miscellany

1. I still do not have a camera. It's killing me. Well, not really, but I do wish I'd had it over the weekend to capture the arrival of spring and all that means to boys.

2. We met with a realtor today. When we moved to Columbia to plant a church our thought was that we would move downtown, where we are planting, once Wil got through a couple years of school. Early education, while vital for all kids, is especially important for Wil at his stage of development. We moved to a district that is known for their special needs programs but is a little further from downtown than we would like. We have been super pleased with the schools for both Wil and Luke but are really feeling the need to live where we minister. To establish roots in the community where we want to be long term. Lord willing, we want this to be our last move for a while so we are willing to wait on a house we really like and can make our own. So, we are beginning the process. We are not in a hurry but also don't want to miss an opportunity if the right house should come along. For the most part homes are more expensive downtown, particularly in neighborhoods that feed into good schools, so we know we will have to compromise on some things. For now, we are gathering information and trying to decide when to list our house. Spring is apparently THE time to list with most people trying to move during the summer months. We'll see what comes up.

3. Anonymity. I have been thinking lately that it is time to become a little more anonymous around here. Particularly when it comes to the kids. I don't want the boys to hit the oh-so-weird middle school years and be ridiculed because someone googles their name and finds all sorts of embarrassing stories posted by their bored mom. However, I don't want to stop telling those stories. :) So, I am trying to come up with some pseudonym's for them. Now, I am not going to go back and replace my past posts so those embarrassing stories will remain out there. Hopefully, my boys will have thick skin. Well, at least two of them. Next time I post it will be with their new names. If you have any ideas let me know.

4. A brag. If you will indulge me for a moment I would like to brag on Luke. His class was recently re-tested on reading. They do this four times a year to make sure the kids are on track, to set new goals, work on areas of difficulty, etc. Luke's level when he entered Kindergarten was a 4. By November he was at level 8, exceeding the goal of 6 set for him by December. A new goal of 12 was set for him to attain by May. This week his teacher notified us that his current level is 24. The average child in Luke's class, she said, advanced by 6 levels. Luke advanced by 16 levels! We are proud of him, not because our value is in academic accomplishment but because he has been working so hard at something that he really enjoys. Brag over.


Lark said...

Yay Luke! And I hope your house selling/hunting goes well.

Anonymous said...

what about using initials? - A.G.

Ctina said...

Wow! Greg and I always thought Luke was a genius! (You should be scared!) So, how far above his grade level is he reading? I have quite a few 7th graders who still read at a 5th grade reading level...sad story...

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