Redneck Boy in a Suburban World

The older Tank gets the clearer it becomes.

He is part Redneck.

As any self respecting Redneck will tell you, wandering the yard pantsless (and wet) is the mark of a true toddler redneck.

As is soaking in a plastic pool of muddy water.

Removing one's clothing at every opportunity is number 8 on the "How to know if your toddler is part Redneck" quiz.

Tank got extra points for that one.

But the real clincher, the stand alone qualification for having Redneck blood running through your veins, is trimming one's toenails with one's teeth.



Terry Family said...

ok STOP! This sooooo funny! lol. One day he is going to be really upset you posted these pictures but it is so worth it. Thanks for the laugh! God bless

Lark said...

Oh. my. gosh. Those are priceless, those little bottom cheeks sticking to the wet shirt, hilarious!

toddandholli said...

Can girls be redneck toddlers also... I might have one of those at my house too. Can you give me more signs of a redneck toddler so that I can be sure. Maybe one is proudly peeing in the yard, or wearing boots with a swim suit? Are those also signs? Oh Tank you are one funny little guy.

My name is Sarah said...

LOLLOLOLOLOL!!!!! So cute.

Ruby's Mom said...

OMG!!! How cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

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