Going Green

After staring at paint cards for 10 days I finally decided on a color for my 10 drawer dresser.

Apple Green. And once I was sure of the color I put everything else aside and loaded up the boys for a trip to Lowe's. And for fun I allowed Tank to walk while I pushed Bean in the shopping cart. What a great decision that was. Moments after stepping into the paint section Tank opened a jar of antique glaze, which is greasy and black, and started finger painting. I took the jar and put it in the cart to purchase while groveling to the paint lady, who was not amused, for something to help me clean up my disaster of a child. A bit later while talking to Paint Lady about my paint needs, Bean hurled the bottle of antique glaze out of the cart onto the concrete floor. It shattered. And black, greasy goop went everywhere. Within 10 seconds five Lowe's employees descended like a hazmat team with a bag of powder and a large bottle of liquid and they went to work cleaning as they asked me to keep my children away. Sure thing.

Oh, and in the midst of that a stranger approached me to discuss her concerns for Bean's skin. "His legs looks bad." "Don't you use sunscreen on him?" "Is it painful?" My telling her that Bean has sensitive skin and was prone to heat rash did not seem to satisfy her. "Isn't there something you can do about it?" "Poor thing." "And sunscreen really won't help?"

And people wonder why I'm such a homebody.

Once home I set to work sanding, priming and painting.

Once dry I distressed it a bit and then accepted my dresser's thanks for the face lift.

It's December now and I've come back to visit this old post to link up to Funky Junk Interiors, a new fav blogspot of mine, to share my diy dresser. Still loving the green!


lizawiza said...

I love it!!! I don't think it looks over the top at all. It's not as bright as I expected. I definitely think you should do the other piece too.

waldenhouse said...

Thanks Liza,
I think it's actually a bit brighter than the picture betrays. I still like it though and will definitely move forward with the other piece. You need to come out before you life gets too hectic to take a gander.

Lark said...

Looks great, sorry you had such a bad trip to the store. Did you end up having to pay for the antique glaze? Bummer, but the dresser looks great!

cindy said...

I really like this color. I have a similar piece of furniture that I have been debating paint colors. I am more inspired to get going now!

As far as your trip to the store......it sounds alot like the field trips I take with my class.

Teena said...

Stacy, I love the green! It's very pretty. Show us the distressed version once you get that done. You are my inspiration. I've been spraying paint all over the place since your initial post of that fabulous peacock blue armoire!


Jen said...

Stacy - I REALLY like this a lot! It looks fabulous!! I should post a picture of our huge armour and get your opinion on what to do - it was a gift from my aunt (inherited) and it's pecan - I'm sure Reid won't want me to touch it though...ANYWAY! :)

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Very nice! I think the colour is a refreshing pop from what you'd normally see. It's FUN!

Thanks for linking up to SNS #10!

FJ Donna

Holly said...

Oh, I really like it! The color is perfect.
Yeah, love those helpful people. My son had weeping eczema patches on his cheeks when he was a baby and I had people ask if it was contagious (yes, of course, that's why I have him out in public!) or else they would avert their eyes like he was a freak.

Nori said...

ooooooooo!!! LOVE the green! great job!!!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

How adorable! I love the color.

this blessed nest said...

oh you daring girl!!! but i love it! i would love to paint some furniture a color that would make it pop...but i think i am a little paint shy.

you've inspired me. looks darling!

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