Turning 40

So, my birthday was Tuesday. I am now 40. Which I understand is the new 30. Whatever that means.

In addition to the fun of having a good friend from Florida in town Tuesday and Wednesday, I also got to go out on the town with James Tuesday night. My out of town friend hung out with my kids. She also did laundry, cleaned the kitchen and pruned my flowers. Coming to visit me is always a good time! Kim took this picture of the family as James and I were heading out the door for dinner.

Over dinner James gave me a card from some of my good friends. In it was a sweet note, with a confession. They have been in cahoots with James for some time now, planning a long get-a-way weekend for me. Instigated by James, who is well aware that I am always on the brink of loosing my sanity. Once the reality that they had planned this sunk in, so many things started to make sense. Like why, a month ago, when my friends were loosely discussing my 40th with me and I said I didn't even know what day it was on my friend Marjorie shot out, "It's on a Tuesday." When I looked at her quizzically she gave me some lame reason she knew that.

They included an itinerary in my card so I would know how to pack. They have lovingly included all the things that I enjoy, namely lots of time to hang out and antique shopping.

And I plan to wear these as often as I can.

Lucchese Cowgirl Boots. A gift from my parents. LOVE. THEM.

The boys wanted to send me off thinking of them so this morning they did what they do best:

broke something. It's my prized glass pineapple. I was momentarily sad. Then I went upstairs to pack.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Have a GREAT time! I can't wait to hear all about it!!!

Teena said...

happy belated birthday, stacy! I love the boots!

Beth said...

Happy 40th! Welcome to the other side!

greggkimc said...

That pic turned out better than I thought! And I made the blog, which was my secret goal all along -- doing that laundry was worth it...

Terry Family said...

Happy Birthday! Have a great time

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