Painting Spree

In an effort to satisfy some of my home improvement cravings I have decided to throw caution to the wind and spice things up around here. With paint. In some cases, very bold paint.

I started with something small to get my juices flowing. These bookends were old and dusty and brown and no personality whatsoever. And bookends should most definitely have some personality. It's important. So I tackled them with some Leaf Green Valspar spray paint. They really pop now and I love them.

I'm pretty sure that a designer or color specialist would gasp at my leaf green bookends since my home is filled with earthier colors but I am thumbing my nose at that. I'm feeling adventurous.

I also took my paint cans outside to brighten up our patio. I started with our bland plastic adirondack chairs. Talk about no personality.

And now they have a bright new look. Really bright. I'm not completely sold on this color yet. They may end up blue. I'm giving it a few days.

Black has served this Bistro Table very well for a long time.
But Red? Oh, yes. Much better. The new color provides a great contrast against my little perennial garden.

And they will brighten things up in winter when my backyard is dormant and brown and sad.

Next up. . . big plans. I haven't decided which piece will be first but am planning on painting and distressing the following:

A China Cabinet that has found new life as a bookshelf for some of our gazillion books. Haven't decided on a color for this yet. It will probably be last on my list because I don't feel up to dealing with the glass just yet. I have been wanting to paint it for a long time. And finally, the time is near.

Our master bedroom needs a makeover bigtime. HGTV hasn't been interested in us yet so I am going to cave and do it myself.

This is a monster of a dresser and there is a matching chest. It is about to turn a lovely shade of green. Cactus Shadow, maybe. Or Jungle Chameleon. Or, maybe, Green Garlands? It will be a great improvement either way.

My biggest project is our armoire and I know exactly what I want to do with this beast.

Blue. Peacock Blue. Just like this.

If you like this beauty, go here. Edie gives step by step instructions on accomplishing this look.

So, I am close to nailing down all my colors and will start collecting supplies for my first project. Stay tuned.


lizawiza said...

I love the bookends and the chairs! What paint did you find that worked on the plastic chairs? We have those exact same chairs and I would love to change the color. said...

New to your blog and blogging. Saw your comment on Daisy Cottage and have just been checking out other blogs. I LOVE the peacock color! I have also been going a little crazy with the painting lately.I live in Savannah and love the Gainesville, Micanopy and Cross Creek area.I am sure you must miss it!

waldenhouse said...

Lowes has Valspar Spray Paint for Plastic. No primer needed and supposedly won't peel. The colors are limited but it's such a quick change since you don't have to prime. FYE - It took me almost a whole can for one chair - $4.

Thanks for stopping in, Cindy! I have a brother in Savannah, great city!

Lark said...

I like the green bookends, I bet they look great in your living room. Even though it's 'earthy' i think they look like a nice spring green :o)
Isn't it amazing what a little spray paint can do? I turned my old brass plated bed into a cute little white bed for Amelia's room. Of course it was like 6 cans of paint later...and I should have just distressed it in the beginning but the kids have taken over on that job (why can we not bang metal objects on this again?).

Word verification below: quitins
"As in, it's quitins time for me, I'm off to bed"

Caroline Parker said...

I LOVE a good splash of color! I love a good high gloss colbalt blue against a yellow your bookshelf...although a bright deep red is always fun too!
I feel inspired...although half the furniture here is not my I will have to wait until we actually have stuff to paint;) And trust me, I will chose colors with names like "Atomic Orange and Bicycle Yellow and Liberty Blue"

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