ch-ch-changes. . .

I had a professor in seminary, an old guy who actually knew Albert Einstein (no, really), who used to always say, "I love my wife, but. . . " The 'but' was normally followed by something like, ". . . boy, sometimes she drives me crazy." He always said it with a big smile on his face and we, his students, knew that he adored the woman more than he could express.

In this psychotherapeutically driven culture we live in we are told we should not use 'but' because it just cancels out what precedes the 'but' and what's left is how you really feel. We should use 'and' instead. "I love my kids and they drive me crazy sometimes!"

I get it. I really do. BUT sometimes you just gotta use the 'but.' And it's my blog so I can use 'but' if I want to, 'but' if I want to. . .

My life right now is pretty centered around the troublesome trio. It's how I want it. It's how James and I want it. Me home with them, rather than working, while they are young. But, man, it's draining. Really draining. Each of them in different ways suck the life right out of me. That's what happens when an extreme introvert is called to parent extroverts - two of which are off the charts!

I love my time home with the boys, but as of late I am craving something more. I also am happy with the choices and sacrifices we have made for me to be able to stay home, but my creative juices feel a bit stifled as a result. And by 'creative' I do not mean 'crafty.' Nope, I am not crafty. Not even a little bit. But I do like to play around with my home decor. That's where any creativity I have comes out. However, when on a tight budget it's harder to hit the antique stores the way I would like. And while I know it would be super fun to go antiquing with three small boys I just don't have it in me.

Maybe it's the dog days of summer that has me feeling like I need to add something to the mix. Or maybe it's turning 40. Turning 40 with small children.

So, I have been looking for ways to spice things up a bit without killing our budget or taking me away from home too often. Tomorrow I have a meeting with the Director of Daybreak Crisis Pregnancy Center. They are looking for volunteers to spend time with their clients. Women, often very young women, who are pregnant and scared and looking for some hope. I am excited about giving some of my time to a cause that is important to me. And I am super excited about tapping into the thinking part of my brain. Woohoo! And James is happy to work his schedule out so that I can do this. He thinks he can get some work done at home while I am out. I will just let him go on thinking that, he'll find out the truth soon enough.

As far as the other stuff. Filling my need to change, update, mix-up my home decor. . . I am finding some outlets for that, too. Paint! I'm pretty much going to paint anything I can get my hands on. And nobody's gonna stop me. Pics to come soon.


lizawiza said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

hollibest said...

I suggest the Twilight series... its a good way to keep your mind occupied. Todd keeps telling me I need to read something soul-full to help me through our crises but... the twilight series is just a much better way to keep my mind occupied.

waldenhouse said...

Thanks Holli, I have heard a lot about those books. I'm not really looking for a distraction though. Just want to get back to some things that have been crowded out by day to day life.
We are praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Any book by Thomas Moore is great! Sounds so exciting these new horizons, making room for neglected sides of us is important. And finding something that satisfies that need to be valued can be met by work in a different way than by children (I say as a full time working mom over 50).
If I say But after something my husband hates it! But....

Lark said...

Man, volunteering there sounds awesome! I always get a pang of desire when I go by our women's resource center or someone comes to speak about pro-life stuff at church. Good for you!

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