Master Bedroom Metamorphosis

This time last year our master bedroom - the room that is supposed to be soothing, relaxing, a place we love and want to be - looked like this.

It's not the worst thing I've ever seen but it didn't put a smile on my face when I walked in either. And shouldn't one's bedroom do that? (sorry 'bout the spotty picture!)

Our house was on the market at the time so I didn't want to spend any money on it and I couldn't do a whole lot of DIY because, well, when I do it myself I make a real mess!

So, after six months on the market we took down our sign and I painted our dressers apple green. I also flipped our patchwork quilt over, to solid white, and threw a throw (threw a throw? can I say that?) on the end of the bed. I took down the red wagon picture over the bed and hung up some plates I found around the house. Don't have a picture of the whole room. Trust me that it was an improvement over the previous look.

BUT, that was LAST week. Now? It looks like this. You see, I got some new bedding for Christmas and it just didn't work with our apple green dressers. Much as I loved the color it had to go. (I'll find something else to splash it on later) So, I set to work painting the dressers. Again.

The plates are still there and they work even better now. I also jumped on the bandwagon and put up some curtains. Drop Cloth curtains. Picked up two 6x9 drop cloths at Wal Mart for $8 each, threw them in the wash with a healthy dose of fabric softner and voila! I love them.

The paint is Heavy Creme from Behr's paint-and-primer-in-one collection and I had it on hand from my last project. So no extra cost there.

These little frog bookends are fun. Found them on clearence at TJ Maxx for $3. They were gold. Now they are Slate Blue and add a little whimsy to the room.

Along with these candle holders, which were once black, red, and silver. I am pretty sure, before too long, every room in my house will display something spray painted with Rustoleum's Slate Blue. I am loving this color.

So, I'm really digging our new space. And really digging the price. All tolled. . . $29. (Thanks to Santa, aka mom and dad, for the bedding that inspired it all.)

And I vow to never paint this enormous 10 drawer dresser again. At least for another year.

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Cat said...

This room turned out beautifully. I'm sad to see the apple green go but the white looks great too.

Jennie said...

Awwwwwww...the wonders of paint! This room looks so soothing. I could hope right into bed. Great Job!

Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

Mom in High Heels said...

Wow! IT looks fantastic! I'm sorry you lost your apple green furniture because I loved it, but the white is very soothing. The room is lovely and *might* inspire me to go clean mineup. :)
I too am a slate blue lover. Your candle sticks look great!

Meredith said...

Wow! Looks awesome! This makes me want to redo our bedroom.

Treasia Stepp said...

It turned out beautiful. Such a difference a little (lot) of paint can make. It bright and relaxing now.

Jeannine said...

This is a lovely new look. Very restful. I like the way you used the spray paint to coordinate mismatched pieces.

Cha Cha said...

Amazing, your colors really make it soothing. Great job picking everything, you have inspired me.
Cha Cha

Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking said...

AWE! So relaxing now... Love all your color choices. Thanks for joining the Power of Paint Party!

Design Wanna-be said...

I cannot believe you painted that thing twice!!! You are a painting fool! But, it looks great. Can't wait to see the bedding up close.

Debbie @ said...

Wow, I love this. You did a great job. It looks so nice, peaceful and a great place to take a nice nap! Very nice!

Fawn@Party of Five said...

Hooray for loving your master BR!! I'm working on mine right now. I really loved the apple green color! But the white looks so nice in there. It came together great!!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

It is a wonderful transformation! I love the new bedding and all the touches ... isn't Rustoleum amazing? I love the slate blue, too. Congrats on the new look ... even if you DID have to give up the apple green dresser (which I LOVED). The white looks nice, too.

Anna See said...

Your bedding looks soothing and sophisticated. Gret job! That dresser must have been quite a project.

Rene said...

Nice updates. Your room looks so fresh now.

Magic Brush said...

OH wow.... I loved that apple green!!!!!!

Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

This turned out wonderfully! I loved the apple green, but the white really makes everything look so pulled together!

dee dee said...

Wonderful re-do! I love it!... Dee Dee

Linda said...

Awesome makeover...LOVE your plates! Hope you have a great weekend!


Dianna said...

Wow, what a little paint can do.
Great work, it looks brighter.

Joyce said...

It look fab!

When you painted the dresser, did you do the side of the drawers, or just the outside? Going to do my daughters soon, but not sure of where exactly to paint

waldenhouse said...

Thanks Everyone!

Seems the apple green was the real hit! :) I liked it, too, and am on the hunt for something else so I can bring that color back into the house.

Joyce, I am a bit of a lazy painter and only paint the drawer faces which include the 1/4 inch or so of space around the "face." I do take the pulls off because, while I am lazy, I am also messy!

Have fun with your daughter's dresser!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

What a difference! You did such a great job on a tight budget. I got bedding for Christmas as well. :) Some girls get shoes...some get bedding. Anyway, I also like how your drop cloth curtains turned out and the plates above the bed are much better than the wagon print. Thumbs up all around.

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

Fabulous job my dear! I am in the process of creating a bedroom that I can fall in love with again. I have loved CERTAIN elements but not the whole package. Thrilled for you and your results.


junkermidge said...

Such clever ideas for making changes on a budget! It turned out beautifully.

Kristal said...

What a soothing retreat you have created! I'm attempting to work some wonders in our Master Bedroom. Great inspiration!


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