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We are happy to be experiencing the first breaths of Spring around here. With longer days and Bradford Pears in bloom we know, without doubt, that we are about to witness the unveiling of Spring in all it's beauty. We will watch tiny buds turn into leaves on all our favorite trees and perennials burst through the thawing ground with a rainbow of color.  We get to add to the rainbow of color with beautiful annuals that will bring us pleasure until Fall's first frost. We get to watch our planted seed peak through the soil to grow tall and proud and fill our home with color and frangrance. I love it all.

I have been getting the house ready for Spring. Bringing flowers in (from the grocer since we have no blooms yet!) to brighten things up.

Giving my favorite little birdie a new slate blue spring dress. Isn't she purty? She came from the dollar store. All sad and chalky white. I sprayed her with my favorite color and added a little dimension to her wings with some mocha craft paint. (The green frame up top, by the way, also from the dollar store. It was a yucky two toned brown before I hit it with some green)
Then I perched her in my grandmother's silver sugar bowl atop some cushy green moss.
But really, this time of year, I take my tinkering from inside to outside (before it gets too hot to tolerate).

These pots are all waiting to be filled with some flowery goodness. Our nurseries are just now stocking up. So while my pots wait, I gave them a little color.

It's a disease I tell ya! If I don't paint at least one thing a day. . . well, my day feels incomplete. Not yet finished. Like something was missing. And if I can't find anything around here to paint? I go to my mom's and paint her stuff. It's true. Just ask her.

The front porch is getting a little love, too. The old shutter I found at a junk place around here, the broom was handmade and was gifted to me by my mom. No, she didn't make the broom but requested it be made from this great little country store a half hour from here. And the pot is from a guy at our now defunct Farmer's Market. Love the patina on it.

Soon, my ferns will be out in their usual spots but for now I am enjoying playing with this space.

Look what I found outside. It's amazing that such tender leaves find their way through the firm winter ground.
This is my Black Eyed Susan. Love the way this stuff spreads.

And lookey lou, lots of Shasta Daisy! I actually thinned this out a ton and spread the glory into several pots so I can take some with me when we move.

Oh, and Cone Flower. Come on out Darling, I'm waiting!

So happy to see some green appearing on my Hydrangea after the winter we had!

And because I  am so totally not patient and can't wait for the color to appear. . . I potted a minirose bush that will make the move with us.

It's exciting and daunting to see this sign in our yard! Exciting to begin the process of moving to the area of town where we are ministering. Exciting to have a clean slate, so to speak, to start fresh with decor. Exciting to settle into a neighborhood we hope to call home for many years to come. Exciting to enter this new season of growth.

Guess who else is growing?

Bean. He's about to turn Five! I can't believe it. We will celebrate by doing a few of his favorite things.
Spending the afternoon at Nonnie and Papa's, riding the horses, and eating cake.

Hope, you too, are enjoying the changes in your life!


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