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The guest room/office/dumping room has eluded me for some time now. I just haven't wanted to deal with it. But, now, as our house is facing round two on the market I decided it was time to face the music. It was time to make it a bit more inviting. As usual, with no extra funds, and frankly no real desire to spend money decorating a room we hope to leave, I shopped the house.

Here is what the room looked like last time we listed the house. This time last year.

Not a whole lot going on. Unless boring counts. There are no window treatements, no rug, not a lot on the walls, etc. You will notice the dresser over in the far corner. That got a face lift a couple months ago.

Much improved, no? I decided to get her out of the corner, so she could be showcased. You will also notice the bike tire in the far left corner? My husband doesn't know it yet but his beloved bike has found a new home in the garage.

There are a few other pieces in this room that aren't in the picture. A sage green desk, a red bookshelf, and a black bookshelf. Somehow I needed to pull it all together.

The transformation began with accesorizing the dresser.

The lamp received a coat of slate blue Rustoleum spray paint. So did the frame of the Charleston print leaning against the wall. I grabbed a red frame that was already boxed and put in one of my floral prints. And grabbed a few other items from around the house to add some layering on the dresser. To the left, instead of a bike, is a wooded ladder I purchased before Christmas when I went antiquing with my mom and aunts.

The quilt was flipped to the blue/white pin stripe side.

I didn't have a lot in the way of pillows to place on this bed. But I did have a colorful tea towel and some burlap. So I just wrapped some old pillows and pinned them in the back. I know. Real classy.

Don't tell anyone.

Next up,  the window. I found a table cloth in my stash that had the exact colors to pull all my random pieces together. But I just had the one table cloth. I decided to do a mistreatment.

See the colors? Aren't they perfect?
I had a handful of upholstery tacks from another project so I pinned my table cloth to the right side of the window to soften the window and pull things together a bit.

I threw a shakey old desk chair in front and layered it with a few odds and ends and put the tall bookshelf in the corner.

And on the wall to he left of the window, over the side of the bed, I put up a frame I spray painted red and threw in some more of my vintage floral prints. Put them up with poster putty.

So, there you have it. All rooms are now staged and ready for a buyer.

Hmmm. . . now that I'm looking at these pictures I think my picture thingy next to the window needs to come down some. Go check out these sites for some great ideas while I go take care of that!
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mx said...

wow, you're quite the industrious one! from the wreaths to he table to the room - you have a knack for these things!

Victoria said...

I love the frame with the vintage floral prints, it's so pretty!

Bungalow'56 said...

Good luck with the sale. It looks very inviting. i particularly love the window fabric.

Petite Little Bee said...

Looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Lia

::cottage instincts:: said...

What a difference! Looks cozy and comfy. STill love that dresser too!

Thanks for linking to Mi4M!

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