oh happy day

last thursday spinner and bean had their last first day of school in our current school district. for three weeks they will be in the same school.
while we are psyched about moving we are a little sad that these two will go back to being in different schools.

they were really excited to go back to school. bean even did his happy dance when pastor j was getting him dressed.

tank was none to happy that his big brothers were off to school and he was not. he doesn't start until sept. 7 but could not give a rip about that right now. all he knows right now is that his brothers get dropped off everyday and he doesn't.

knowing the first day would be a tough one for tank his nonnie had him over for is own special day.

he's trying hard here, folks.

after spinner and wil were dropped and tank was satisfied that he, too, would have a fun day i hit the road.

i love my kids. i also love a day to myself.

i headed north and one hour later pulled in here. . .

i'm pretty sure the heaven's parted and i heard the angels singing.

i had two goals.
1. find a section of butcher block for a kitchen work station i'm making out of an old dresser.
2. find some inspiration from their showroom kitchens and come home with
some space saving items for our kitchen-to-be.


after two hours i had my oak butcher block, kitchen space savers, and some bedding for tank.

mission accomplished!

with a 50 cent hot dog in hand, i hit the road and was home in time to pick up the boys from school and tank from nonnies.

they had a great day.
so did i.


Spitmonkey said...

I am a little ashamed you did not have the meatball plate, my dear. I will drive an hour and some minutes to JUST get that. ;-)

Design Wanna-be said...

What a fun day. The only thing I missed on my last trip to Ikea was the 99 cent frozen yogurt ice cream cone. I love it!

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