As we prepare to move I am doing a lot of weeding. Not garden variety weeding, the indoor kind.

All those items in the dark corners of our closets? That I haven't seen since we moved in to this house over three years ago? Those items are going.

The crazy number of dishes I have? Slimming down, majorly.

The clothes in my closet that haven't touched my body in a year. Going.
Supposedly most people only wear 20% of their wardrobe. I fall into that category, so the 80% that I don't wear?  Passed on to friends or charities.

The handbags that lined the top shelf of my closet? I'm sticking with 4, one for each season.


That's what we are doing. Not just with our stuff, but with the way we live.

Our hope is that our smaller space will be more functional.

That we will live a bit more thoughtfully and intentionally.

That we will protect our lives from getting cluttered with stuff both exterior and interior.

For me to do that I need to cut out a few things in my own life.

One of those things is going to be this blog.

I started Blessed Chaos in March of 2007 after we moved from Florida. It was a good way to keep our friends there updated on our family and our church planting adventures.

It became a fun outlet for me. It also became a great way for me to document the life of our family in photo's and stories for posterity. I mean, my oldest is nearly 8 and he still doesn't have a baby album! This has been my virtual family album. Much more to my liking than creating a photo album.

It also connected me to a number of moms-of-kids-with-Ds blogs and for a time I really needed that. I was still processing various aspects of having a child with Down syndrome for years after Bean was born. It was good to have a platform to write about that, to tell Bean's story, to advocate for Bean and other's with Down syndrome.

As time marched on I just didn't have as much to say about Ds anymore. Ds is a part of our lives and while it's a big deal. It's also not a big deal. Bean is Bean.

And eventually, this blog gave me a place to start sharing some of my home ideas, updates, projects, and to connect with so many wonderful DIY bloggers out there.

For a while this blog was having a major identity crisis as my life and interests were changing and developing.

After Green Seed Creations was born last July I have tried to maintain this blog and take it back to it's original purpose of documenting and writing about our family.

I think, however, that in simplifying my life, it is time to end this blog. Or at least take an indefinite break.

I have been a bit half hearted in developing Green Seed Creations. Partly because it's just been a crazy summer and now we're moving, the kids will be going through new adjustments, etc.

But. . . It is something I want to give more attention toward. And with our impending move next week to a radically different home than we live in now, it just seems like a good time to stop writing here at blessed chaos. 

 I am looking forward to documenting the changes we make to our Quinby Cottage as we make them. It is going to be slow and steady and require a good bit of creativity to make our new, smaller space work for our family of five. And as I do that, I hope to slowly develop my business.

So, for now, it's goodbye from Blessed Chaos. I am not going to delete the blog. I can be fickle and may want to pick it back up one day. So, it'll be here and I may pop in from time to time to give an occasional update but nothing regular will be going on.

If you want to follow the renovation of our new place and see how things are developing business wise then please follow me over at Green Seed Creations.

I'd really love to have you there!


Design Wanna-be said...

Aww, we'll miss you at Blessed Chaos, but will keep following you at Green Seed.

Valerie Stoddard said...

Just happened upon your blog after posting one of mine. Blessings to you and your family and the new direction you're heading in!

I will peruse your Blessed Chaos blog with interest, albeit retrospectively.

Best, Valerie

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