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While in the mountains we were without most technology. No phone, no wireless, no tv although there was a dvd player hooked to a small screen television, no signal for our phones. We were basically cut off from all that was going on outside of the one -or were there two(?) - stoplight town where we stayed.

At first it was a little disorienting - not being able to check email, read the handful of blogs I enjoy, see who Deanna eliminated on "The Bachlorette" (did I just confess that? okay, yes, I got sucked into this show and now, being the loyal person that I am, must see it through. Don't judge me too harshly), receive phone calls, etc. Oh, and there was not a Starbucks within 100 miles! But that was good since I had previously committed to give up caffeine. It forced me into it and past the caffeine withdrawal phase.

Of course, we found we didn't need any of those things and that it was good for our souls to be without them for a time. As far as entertainment? We get plenty of laughs watching and listening to our boys interact. And, of course, talking with Luke. Here are a few of my conversations with Luke that made me laugh last week.

Luke: Can elevators get stuck?

Me: Wondering where this came from since we are no where near an elevator. Yes, they can.

Luke: How do you get out?

Me: They have emergency buttons in them - you know the red button we always tell you not to push? That alerts someone that the elevator is stuck.

Luke: What if the electricity is out?

Me: who is this kid? Good point Luke, that is why elevators have a phone in them, so you can call for help. Hopefully we won't ever have to experience that, it sounds scary to me.

Luke: Are you kidding! It would be great. And if we had a monkey he could just climb right through the top of the elevator and help us get out.

And another. . .

Luke: Did you and dad know each other when you were kids and then got married?

Me: No, we met as adults when we were in graduate school, got to know each other, fell in love and then got married.

Luke: Oh, I think maybe Dad is still trying to figure out who you are.

While walking a trail.

Luke: Isn't that funny how that branch is hanging?

Me: Yes, that is a little funny.

Luke: Yeah, but not funny haha. Funny weird.

And one more. While driving home (James still back in the mtns.) with Wil and Timothy both screaming their screeching screams Luke was asking question after question from the third row seat.

Me: Luke, honey, I cannot hear you. I need to concentrate on driving. This is not the best time for your 20 questions.

Luke: Okay mom, I'll just ask ten.


Tom said...

I was going to comment on the point of this post but started shaking so badly after reading you had no tv or Starbucks that I was unable to proceed.

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