Paper Hat, Anyone?

For the last several months Luke has been making paper hats. All he needs is a piece of construction paper and a stapler. Everyday I come across his hats - in the kitchen, in his bedroom, stacked on the bookshelf in the den, and sometimes even the bathroom. When I ask what he is going to do with all his hats he plainly tells me, "I'm going to sell them."

Well okay.

Yesterday James and I returned from a meeting to find this.

Me: Hey Luke, whatchya doin'?

Luke: I'm selling my hats, do you want to buy one?

Me: Sure, I would love a hat. (I dig out a quarter, hand it to him and take two hats)

Luke: You can only have one hat.

Me: But I gave you a quarter, that is 25 cents so that gets me two hats.

Luke: Well, that doesn't matter, you can only have one. I have to save them for other people that want to buy my hats.

Me: I understand. However, if someone wants two hats and they give you enough money to pay for two hats you need to give them two hats.

Luke: But they're my hats.

Me: But you are selling them. People are paying for your product and you have to be fair by giving them what they are paying for.

Luke: One hat should be enough for each person.

My friend Kim tells me I overtalk with Luke, I think she is right. So I shut my mouth at this point and wish him well in his sales. Then I think that I really must save these conversations for his future roomates, bosses, wife, so they all know what they are getting into.

He did get some business.Two neighborhood girls brought .30 over and requested three hats. And he gave them three hats.


Spitmonkey said...

He just wanted his hats to get the most neighborhood-friendly spread! You, as mom, only get one because you've seen them before. ;-)

Ctina said...

Its b/c they're cute :p

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