Time in the yard

With a five year old who does not quite have the swimming thing down and a 21 month old and 3 year old who both require, and demand, being held in the pool we tend to spend most of our time in the yard, rather than the neighborhood pool. I just can't manage the three of them, around water, by myself. So the backyard it is.

You might remember this from last March. Our back yard was in need of some attention before the storm and we had resolved to give it an overhaul in the spring anyway. Mother nature just helped us out a little by clearing some trees.

We put down more sod, some azalea's, lorapetalum, and I got my perennial garden going. Here is our backyard now. And how we are spending our time there.
And here is our resident hummingbird perched, with a full belly, in my petunia's.


Lark said...

The yard looks beautiful! I kill anything I plant, so I am so envious of your beautiful gardeny surroundings. Looks like the kids have a blast playing back there too.

Caroline said...

Your yard is beautiful! It looks like it could be in Southern Living! Can I just come, sit and look at it?

Ctina said...

Wow! Your yard looks gorgeous! So pretty!

Mary said...

Wow, your yard looks fantastic!

Brian and Rose said...

Your yard looks great! Jack Marchette would be proud! :)

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