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We have officially begun the countdown to school. Two weeks from today. And a certain kindergartner can't wait to get started. So, he has decided to get a jump on things. Here he sits at his new desk working on addition and subtraction. Which he has declared he will do every day until school starts. His new desk, by the way, was made by his Papa. The piece of wood on top came from our armoire. No, we didn't chop it up for firewood. It was a piece that pulled out for a keyboard, should you choose to use the armoire as a desk rather than an entertainment center. James and I have tried since the day we bought the thing to get that piece out so we had more space beneath the tv; we gave up. Timothy, however, managed to get it off track to the point that we couldn't get it back in! So, with the addition of four legs it has become Luke's desk.

Speaking of Timothy, the peculiar one. . . he has a strange fascination with walking around the house with his blanket over his head. He does this regularly.

Last week, after settling him in for a snack, I turned around to find him covered again. Honestly, I didn't put the blanket on him. This is all his doing. I wish I could get in his head sometimes.

Luke has been taking on the role of art teacher, desiring his brothers to enjoy drawing as much as he does.

Timothy doesn't care about coloring, he just wants to get his hands on that full box of crayons so he can dump them all out. That's what he is really good at - making a mess. He roams the house dumping out baskets, unloading my cane collection from it's holder, pulling books off shelves. As seen here. He had help with this. Wil was a willing accomplice. In fact, together they pushed the ottoman up against the bookshelf so Timothy could reach the normally out of reach books. They were very proud.

We haven't been outside much, what with the 100 degree temperatures and all. Ugh. Even this little guy has sought out a shady place in my dying zinnia's.

That's about all we have been up to.


Ctina said...

I wish I could be as excited as Luke is about school starting...but I'm not. Especially since I've started having anxiety driven back to school nightmares... Oh what fun it is to teach for a living...

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