I don't remember exactly when I started following the Cornish Family's adoption journey. I'm pretty sure it was sometime around November of 2007 when reports coming out of Eastern Europe told of the horrific conditions orphans with special needs live in. Shortly after that story I learned of Reece's Rainbow, a ministry dedicated to placing orphan's with Down syndrome, living in Eastern Europe, with their "forever family" before they turn five. Why five? Because that is when children with special needs are sent to institutions similar to those seen in this NY Times piece.

The Cornish family, already with two biological children, one with Down syndrome, felt led to adopt from Eastern Europe. To give a child, that might otherwise die, an opportunity to live. Through Reece's Rainbow they began their journey in October of last year. When I "met" this family through an online group I occasionally participate in, Downsyn.com, they were well into the process and waiting to travel. You can read all about their journey here, it was full of surprises.

They came home with two precious children. Emma and Micah. This is Emma.
Emma is having heart surgery tomorrow. She has a very sick heart. Some of the specialist's that the Cornish family consulted didn't feel that Emma should have the surgery, they didn't believe she would survive it. But she won't survive without the surgery. Dr. Q, a surgeon at the Children's hospital in St. Petersburg, FL, believes differently and agreed to do the surgery. She has proven to be a fighter!

Dr. Q, by the way, is the same surgeon that performed Wil's surgery almost three years ago exactly. Emma is having her surgery tomorrow morning. Please pray for her. Pray for her strength, pray specifically for her ability to come off bypass, pray for Dr. Q, pray for her parents and siblings.


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