A Christmas Story

This afternoon while James had the little guys at the gym and I was preparing dinner and catching up on laundry (if that's even possible) Luke was in his room. My little extrovert does this from time to time. He disappears into his room or the backyard to be alone. It is a rare occurance and a welcome one.

He emerged about 45 minutes later chattering about the book he had written and illustrated.

Then he insisted I put his story on the blog. Here it is.

Bi Luke Walden

the 5 das uv krismis

Mistr snoman stas thaer (spoken like a true southerner) al the time

Mr jinjur bradman stas in the uvin

Mr rander gids santus slay

Santa flis in a sla. He givs prasints to the childrins.

the crismis tree is for Jesus.


Spitmonkey said...

Aw, so cute!! :D

My name is Sarah said...

I like your story

Ctina said...

Well, you'll be glad to know that Luke is writing on a 7th grade level...well my 7th graders' level...lol! Seriously its not that far off...

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