Monday Miscellany

1. Last week we pulled out the Christmas decor. Over the years we have had to make some changes with little one's roaming the house, always looking for new ways to wreak havoc in our home. Last year we decided that we should forgo a tree altogether. I had visions of Timothy pulling it down, Wil being trapped underneath, Timothy climbing all over the fallen tree yanking ornaments off, Wil getting tangled in the lights as he tries to make his way from under the tree, Luke in a state of panic over the whole affair. . . and on and on. You think I am overreacting? Please stop by one afternoon, say around 5.30, when the boys are at their wildest and you will understand. So last year we did this. It was fine but it wasn't the same. So this year we went back to a tree.
The boys had a great time decorating and we went 12 hours before the first ornament was broken. Not bad. Unfortunately it was a favorite of mine. A decorative egg that James brought me from Hungary.

We tried to get a few pictures of the boys in front of the tree. They all went something like this:

And this:

Until finally they broke free,

and disappeared.

2. I have been trying to figure out ways to make some extra income. I need, and want, to be at home so I have been snooping around online. Turns out a masters in theology and counseling is pretty useless for most on-line, contractual work. I have registered with oDesk, taken all their tests, posted my profile, work history, and gifts to see if anything comes my way. We'll see. I would love to get back to counseling. Maybe after the boys are all in school I can prepare for the state qualifications for licensure. They are different from Florida so I will need time to prepare for the state exam, which may even require another class or two. Can't even fathom adding that to my life right now.

3. Gators - 2008 SEC champs!! We had an intense afternoon watching the Gators play Alabama.

The boys have come to love Saturday football. Especially the chips and dip.

There were some "oh no!" moments felt by all. . .

and some "yes, yes" moments which caused every muscle in James' body to contract with excitement.

It was an awesome win for the Gators which caused James to giggle and cackle a good solid hour after it was over.

4. A common phrase around here, as of late, is "Timothy, leave your clothes on." Here is the sequence of events we now deal with on a daily basis.

After he frees himself of his pajamas and takes a victory lap around the house he stops to remove his diaper.

When we talk to him about keeping his pajamas on he just laughs and laughs. I think we need a padlock to keep him from unzipping.

5. We are officially underway with the new church plant. It has been a very encouraging time for us. We have a solid group of folks eager to see a healthy, bible teaching church planted in downtown Columbia. We have an advisory board made up of pastors from respected, healthy churches within our denomination. And we have supporters that are committed to sticking with us through this next phase in our ministry. For those of you that don't know what I am talking about, I apologize. I haven't shared, here, about all that has gone on over the last six months because I haven't felt it was appropriate. Maybe one day I will share the whole saga of our move to SC to plant a new church in partnership with a local congregation and how we ended up parting ways with the leadership of that congregation. For now, I will just say that the last six months have been challenging and confusing while simultaneously being encouraging and faith-building.

Have a great week!


Spitmonkey said...

I am so happy to hear that the new plant is taking form! :D I know it's been something you guys have been struggling with, but I think that is your... calling? :)

Oof, the tree. I sympathize - I only put "disposable" ornaments on the tree for now until the kids get older. Or hang them way up high. Cheapie bulbs from Target were the way this year. *lol*

kerin said...

HA! I'm LOL about Timothy taking his clothes off. It's become a ritual with Asher that I not only remove his coat when coming inside, but all of his clothes down to his pull-up. Fortunately he doesn't mind keeping that on;) He then runs around the house giggling and laughing with excitement about being "free" again;} I take comfort in knowing they probably will outgrow this when it becomes awkward for them;) For now I think it's very cute.

MSG said...

Great post and update. We are excited that the new plant is going forward.

Lark said...

One day Grant had 'freed' himself from his longsleeved onesie. I picked it up off the floor and it was still fully buttoned on top and bottom. He just weaseled his way out of it somehow. I thought I was pretty sneaky making him wear something with snaps he couldn't get out of, I guess I was wrong...

Bummer about your Hungary Egg! We have one on our tree too. Kevin would be tiiiiiicked if the kids broke that. It's way up at the top of our tree. At least you got the tree up this year :o)

Go Gators!

waldenhouse said...

Lark, I had THREE of those eggs! We are down to one and yes, we have moved it to the top part of the tree. WHY I didn't think of this earlier is beyond me.

I'm glad I don't have the only streaking toddler! Timothy is in good company with Asher and Grant. :)

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