Spring Break

Before the dark cloud of illness descended on our home, bringing hand, foot, mouth disease, croup, ear infection's, pink eye, and bronchial infections, we went to Florida for Spring Break.

If I didn't have pictures to prove it the long days and nights of the last week may have wiped it clear from my memory!

Time on the beach.

Spinner went right in.

Bean warmed up to the sights and sounds of the ocean sitting on Grandma's lap.

And then, he was ready. . .

Tank never really warmed up to the ocean, but then his little body was brewing a mighty cocktail of viral and bacterial infections that would slam him two days later so he wasn't exactly himself.

And then there was Disney. Each boy gets his trip to Disney once he has turned six. So, while in Florida, Spinner got his long awaited trip. He loved every minute of it.

Hope you all are having a good Spring!!


Ruby's Mom said...

I'm sorry you've had such a rough time with sickness at your house!Thanks for sharing the great pictures!

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