It's been a good seven years

since I got a good, solid, wake-up-feeling-refreshed night's sleep. Just when I think it might happen, when the boys are tucked in early and all is quiet, when I, too, am settled in at a reasonable hour and already experiencing the bliss of nocturnal goodness, something like this happens. (could i have possibly used more comma's in that last sentence? i am sure they are all misplaced, too. stop your shuttering kim)

Spinner's door opens. He has been asleep a good 4 -5 hours by now. His attempt to be quiet does not work and I wake, though, admittedly, it doesn't take much to wake me.

Bean starts screaming because Spinner woke him leaving the room.

I ignore it all in an attempt to drift back to sleep and hope they will do the same.

Then I realize that Spinner did not exit the bathroom and can see the stream of light coming down the hall. I elbow James and beg him to check on him. I'm thoughtful like that. That's when I heard the crying.

I make my way to the bathroom thinking we had another sick kid on our hands. Thankfully we did not. We just had a sleep deprived, confused, possessed, kid on our hands.

Spinner is standing in the middle of the bathroom crying and crying, head hung, face read, lips wet with drool. James tries to talk with him but is only met with blank stares.

Me: I think he's asleep, James.

James: No, he's not asleep.

Me: Spinner, what's wrong? why are you crying?

Spinner: stares blankly

James: Spinner, you have to talk to us so we know why you are crying. Are you sick?

Spinner: I don't know.


Me: Does something hurt?

Spinner: No.


Me: Did you have an accident in bed?

Spinner: No.


James: Did you have a nightmare?

Spinner: No.


Still crying. . .

Me: Can you tell me what you are feeling, Spinner?

Spinner: Sad.

Okay, now we're getting somewhere.

Me: What is making you sad?

Spinner: I feel sad when you guys send me off places.

What the heck is he talking about?

Me: Are you afraid we're going to send you somewhere?

Spinner: tears still falling, Yes.

Me: Where, Spinner, where are you afraid we will send you?

Spinner: Africa.

Oh, of course. James and I exchange a glance, trying not to laugh.

*more hugs*

Me: Oh honey, I promise we will not send you to Africa. Can we all go back to bed now?

Spinner: wiping his eyes, Okay.

And no, we have no clue what this was about. But then that's not unusual.


mx said...

Too funny! Next time you can assure him that I live to tell that Africa is not that bad after all:-)

greggkimc said...

The only time you mention me is to fear that I am shuddering at your grammar? HOW did I get this rep?

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