Dear Internet,

It is high time I give you the credit you deserve. Ever since little boys entered my life (and not to single anyone out or anything but especially since a certain 2 year old boy entered my life) you have been there for me in a big way.

When no one else has the answers, when there is no one else to turn to, you are there. And you have the answers. You not only give me the answers but you calm me down and give me step by step instructions to fix what ails me, or my house, as the case may be.

Like the time when I needed to know how to get permanent marker off my kitchen table. You were a wealth of information. You gave me several options to undo the damage my littlest spawn created.

Or like the time when Bean and Tank, led, no doubt, by Tank, tipped over my grandmother's antique pie crust table so many times that it lost almost all of it's "crust." You instructed me, you encouraged me, you taught me about wood glue. Sadly, the tipping continued and the crust came off again. But now I know how to fix it. And I will, when they are grown and out of the house.

Or like the time you gave me tips on getting greasy peanut butter out of the carpet. Tank was very pleased with himself. He was finger painting, you see. Getting the peanut butter off the hardwood floors, door frames, and pantry shelves was a piece of cake. I handled that fine. But the carpet? That was a whole different ball game. But you came to my aid and helped me get the job done.

And then there was today. When moments, and I mean moments, after James and I decided to place our house on the market I wandered into the guest room to find this:

A brand new bottle of Elmer's glue, open, on it's side, and empty, the contents absorbed into the carpet. My first instinct, after I panicked, was to get a wet rag and rub. I should never act on my first instinct. It was a big ole' gloppy mess.

Then, I remembered. My friend the Internet will surely know how to help me. And true to form you were there. You told me not to worry, that it will come up, and gave me only three steps to get the job done.

It took some time. But you did not fail me.

So, thank you dear Internet! Thank you for your consistency and faithfulness and for always being there to keep my home from becoming the disaster it's young residents seem intent on making it.


My name is Sarah said...

Oh please share the secret.

waldenhouse said...

For the glue? 1. Run a dull blade, butter knife, putty knife, along carpet to pull glue up until you think you have it all. 2. Rub white vinegar over area. 3. pour hot water over area. 4. Repeat as needed. Worked like a charm! :)

Terry Family said...

Too funny!!! I love the Internet too but never have I ever heard of anyone thanking it!

Spitmonkey said...

Ahh, vinegar is the cure for everything that ails ya!

Lark said...

The internet knows everything..

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