Conversations with Spinner, #82

I took the big first grader out for dinner tonight, for a little one-on-one time before a Cub Scout meeting. It was very enlightening.

Me: So, Spinner, what do you think of first grade so far?

Spinner: I LOVE it!

Me: Yeah? What do you love about it?

Spinner: Well, we have more "must-do's" than kindergarten and I like that. I get to be a learning partner and help 'T' with his writing, I like that. And we have a different playground and Olivia is on the playground at the same time my class is!

Me: Oh, Olivia (a crush from pre-school) does she remember you?

Spinner, chuckling: Uh yes, sometimes she pretends like she doesn't see me but I know she does. And then today she said, "Hiii Luuuke." Everybody knows we love each other.

Me: Really?

Spinner: Yes, it's common knowledge.

Me, trying to change the subject: Huh. Okay. So, what about the kids in your class? Have you made some new friends?

Spinner: Yes, I have made lots of friends. One of my new friends is 'E' but when I try to talk to her she tells me to go talk to 'L.'

Me: Why do you suppose she does that?

Spinner: Because she doesn't want a boyfriend and she thinks I love her.

Me: Oh, I see. Do you want a girlfriend?

Spinner, snorting: YES, I want to get as many as I can!!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I'm thinking you're going to have a VERY long year! LOL

Ctina said...

That boy is trouble!!! haha Can you imagine how much of a heart-throb he'll be in middle school!! hehehehe

Design Wanna-be said...

Where do they learn this? That's hilarious. said...

That is hilarious! Hope your little ones have a great school year.

ParkerMama said...

I would be honored to have you link to our post. The more who 'get it' the better!

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