It's all about the chalkboard

If I were to homeschool my three ruffians we would set up shop around our kitchen table and I would have a really cute chalkboard on the blank yellow wall behind the table, where I would teach all sorts of interesting and fabulous lessons. Okay, not really.

I have thought about homeschooling. For a nanosecond. Then I realize we are not meant for one another, homeschooling and me. I lack a critical gift, immeasurable patience. I just don't have it.

Then there is the social factor for Spinner who absolutely craves constant interaction. Today I got a note from his teacher (with a smiley face) that read, "please talk about personal space." His homework today was to write about an imaginary pet. Spinner wrote about a parrot being his imaginary pet because "they will talk and talk and talk and they won't ever tell me to 'sit quietly,' unless I tell him to." These two things cemented what I already knew. I will never homeschool.

Plus, let me be perfectly honest here, I am just a tad selfish and really love having time alone during the day.

Still, I want a chalkboard on the yellow wall behind my table. I'm sure I can find some educational purpose to justify it. But, yikes(!), they are expensive.

This one is from Sundance. It's great. And I love the ledge for the chalk. But $165? For that tiny thing?

This is better in terms of size. It's from Pottery Barn. It's $150. Again, just a bit pricey for me.

So, I took matters into my own hands and with the free time I have while my kiddo's are in school I made my own.

I wish I had taken a "before" photo but I forgot. My materials were 1. an old mirror I bought at a thrift shop. The frame was two toned wood and pretty beaten up. 2. Plywood cut to size by Lowes, 3. some chalkboard paint and 4. spray paint. After spray painting the frame with some paint I had on hand and painting the plyboard with the chalkboard paint my mom had on hand I took the mirror out and inserted my new chalkboard in it's frame.


Hmmm, I think I feel a lesson coming on.


Design Wanna-be said...

Cute! And I love the plates over the window. Is that a new addition?

Beth said...

I love it too! And girl, I'm so with you on the homeschooling. Love the idea in theory, but in practice, not so much.

Caroline Parker said...

Love it! I need you to move back so I can have a crafty friend near by...not to say Leah and Mer are not..but..I mean..really;)

waldenhouse said...

Thanks Ladies! Liza, the plates are a relatively new addition. That you haven't seen them tells me it's too long since you have been over!
Amen, Beth!
Caroline, how sweet of you to call me "crafty." I suppose I am but only with furniture and home decor. Put me down in front of a box of craft supplies, however, and I am dumbfounded and overwhelmed.

Cindy said...

Very cute! And I love your little guys story.

Lark said...

Yay, very cute!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful- I know I sure couldn't be a homeschooler! I think they'd get tired of me!

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