The R word. . . do you "get it?"

Chances are, if you are around kids at all, you have heard the 'R' word used in derogatory ways. To describe themselves, or someone else, as being or doing something stupid. Or silly. Or goofy. Sometimes it is used to be cruel.

The other day I was walking out of the YMCA with Bean and I observed a group of middle school girls on the playground. The group of them watched us, conversed a little, then looked back at us when I heard one of them say in a disgusted voice, "I think he's retarded." I didn't say anything. My immediate thought was that I was glad Bean didn't get it yet. And then I wondered when he would. And what it would do to him.

Kids aren't the only one's guilty of using the 'R' word. Adults are too. I suspect that kids pick up the word from adults as much as they do their peers.

Part of why I didn't say anything to those girls on the playground was because I had that punch-in-the-gut feeling that Tammy and Parker describe here at Praying for Parker. Please take the time to read her post.

It's time that more people "get it."


Cindy said...

Oh......I so get fact I get it so much that I can barely type these words.Sadly, I deal with this quite often when I take my students on the playground. And even though I know I am dealing with children, I get SO angry that I cannot really address the offender other than to say, "WHO IS YOUR TEACHER?" I let their teacher address this because I simply can't do it at that point.

You have reminded me again of how important it is to talk to children when I am NOT angry about differences in all people and the feelings of all people!

Lark said...

There aren't words.

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