Even when they're not in the room. . .

It is quiet time in the house but all is not quiet. It rarely is, really.

Spinner and Bean share a room upstairs over our guest room. Right outside of the guest room is a short hallway that leads to the garage. There is a small ceiling light in that area that I have always wanted to change. The globe that covers the light has been there since we moved in over two years ago, a builder's choice globe. Milky white and plain.

Here it is.

Boring and ordinary, right? But now, I get to replace it. Spinner and Bean are sooo not quiet during quiet time. While putting Tank down for his nap (thank God he still naps!) I heard the ruckus in the other room and then I heard the crash downstairs.

The good news for me is that I have been vindicated. I tell them repeatedly that one day their upstairs wrestling and jumping off beds will result in the loss of downstairs lighting. I have mostly been worried about my kitchen pendant lights that rattle when they parachute off our bed. They have yet to see the result of their hard work, I'll show them when quiet time is over. But now I have proof and no one gets to roll their eyes at me over this particular issue anymore. :)

Meanwhile, I have been working on my Procrastinator's Party Project.

This thing is a beast to paint but already I am loving the difference!


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Can't wait to see your reveal!

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